Special Asset Services

For lenders with nonperforming notes on their books and investors in the distressed asset market, the road to a stronger portfolio begins with American Investment Properties’ Long Island Commercial Real Estate Special Asset Services. AIP works closely with both sellers and buyers of distressed assets to optimize the outcome of their transactions.

AIP’s core strengths ensure the high quality and broad range of our resources and capabilities in the special assets arena:

  •  A large, continually updated portfolio of nonperforming notes for sale
  • Timely access to sellers and qualified buyers through our broad network of industry contacts
  • Accurate, realistic assessment of market value, ownership risks, and profit potential of underperforming investment properties
  • Reliable guidance on relevant tax incentives, abatements, and accounting requirements
  • Strategic recommendations on how to maximize liquidity and minimize risk from asset dispositions, including advice on when to hold or pursue a short sale, whole loan sale, or foreclosure
  • Expert planning and negotiation of loan refinancing, restructuring, and recapitalization solutions
  • Strong connections to financing sources
  • Extensive experience in optimizing leasing strategies and property management to add value to and improve cash flow from Long Island commercial real estate


AIP’s Special Asset Services span the full continuum of client needs from sound asset management and creative repositioning to smooth, strategically timed dispositions and acquisitions. Whether you’re seeking emerging investment opportunities or a cost-effective approach to increasing your assets’ marketability, AIP’s sophisticated strategies and comprehensive support will expedite your goals.

To learn more about how our Long Island Commercial Real Estate Special Asset Services can add value to your portfolio, please contact American Investment Properties today.




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