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CCIM; A True Level of Expertise and Achievement

To be designated as a CCIM is a great personal achievement, proving that hard work and dedication certainly pay off.  As a CCIM you have achieved the highest level of commercial investment real estate education possible.  Some of you may be familiar with what being a CCIM means, while others may have never heard of… | Read On »

Long Island’s Great Theaters

A true Long Islander believes that our beaches are some of the best in the world.  But our island is not only known for its gorgeous landscape, we also happen to have a great array of theaters and venues which serve to entertain not only us as Long Islanders, but people from all over.  In… | Read On »

Meet Michael Musto

As you know, here at American Investment Properties, we are always looking to add to our team of talented Real Estate brokers and agents. With a singular commitment to our client’s objectives, our team dedicates all energies and resources to helping business owners and investors successfully navigate the unique challenges and opportunities of the Long… | Read On »

In-store vs. Online Shopping

With our ever-increasing digital world, its no surprise that in the last past few years we have seen incredibly large increases in online shopping.  We have even heard some say that they believe that in-store shopping will become obsolete.  Of course, there are positives and negatives within each channel of shopping (in-store and online).  In… | Read On »

Listening Effectively Goes Beyond Hearing

Being a good listener is an essential part of being a good leader and conducting successful and meaningful business in today’s professional world.  Listening, and not just hearing, can truly make or break a business deal.  However, many people don’t take the time to actually understand the difference between hearing and listening and to spend… | Read On »

Rising Interest Rates Ahead

With recent talk about an impending increase in interest rates, much discussion is being had around the impact of rising interest rates and inflation on the commercial real estate markets.  The worry is that rising rates will hurt growth for the owners of apartment buildings, office buildings, retail space, etc. as well as limit the… | Read On »

Breaking Down Triple Net Properties

There is much talk around and demand for Triple Net (NNN) Lease properties.  At first glance these properties may appear to be a no-brainer investment.  However, there seems to be a large grey area when we find ourselves asking the following questions: What exactly are they? How much risk is actually involved?  Are they really… | Read On »

Long Island’s Changing Population

As the most populated island in the United States, and the 17th most populous in the world, Long Island has an estimated population of 7.75 million people.  If Long Island were a state, it would be the 13th most populous, and the 1st in terms of population density with roughly 5,500 people per square mile. … | Read On »

Strength of Character

Character is a pattern of behavior, thoughts and feelings based on universal principles, moral strength, and integrity.  In our opinion, your “good character” is the single most important asset you have.  We believe that what makes us a better person is a question of character – it’s largely dependent on our moral or ethical strength. … | Read On »

2015 CRE Forecast

As your Long Island commercial real estate industry experts, we at American Investment Properties have constructed a 2015 Forecasting Report on how we believe the Retail, Office, Industrial, and Multifamily Markets will behave throughout the year based upon our knowledge of recent market trends and our predictions on the health of the Long Island economy…. | Read On »

America’s New Year’s Resolution

In keeping with the New Year spirit, lets talk about resolutions.  A New Year’s resolution is a tradition in which a person makes a promise to do an act of self improvement beginning on New Year’s Day.  A New Year’s resolution is a personal choice and can be anything at all that you would like… | Read On »

Revitalizing Riverhead

With a new year upon us signifying newness and change, we can’t help but direct our attention to revitalization efforts taking place here on Long Island.  In recent years, there have been many downtown revamp projects – Huntington and Patchogue are two great examples of successful revitalization projects on Long Island.  In this article we… | Read On »

Productivity; What Does it Mean to You?

By Ron Koenigsberg The phrase “Work Smarter Not Harder” is a hot term right now. With the push on productivity and efficiency, we often find ourselves asking the following questions: What time of the day am I most productive? Do I consider myself a morning or an evening person? We each have a certain time-frame… | Read On »

Q&A with Rob Tan

From interns to brokers to property researchers, American Investment Properties is always looking to add to our team of talented brokers and employees. As our firm continues to grow, we believe that it is important for our readers and clients to get to know our best and brightest here at AIP. Meet Rob Tan Where did you grow… | Read On »

Deciphering Suffolk County Towns

By Ron Koenigsberg In last month’s newsletter, we detailed Nassau County’s towns, villages, and hamlets in order to provide some clarity in an area that can sometimes be a bit confusing given so many different . Now, in this article we will break down all of Long Island’s towns, villages, and hamlets in Suffolk County. Our continued hope… | Read On »

Success: the accomplishment of an aim or purpose

Success: noun -The accomplishment of an aim or purpose. -The attainment of popularity or profit. -A person of thing that achieves desired aims or attains prosperity.   One word, seven letters, two syllables, and so incredibly powerful. Success is a word that each and every one of us have looked to achieve in one way… | Read On »

Third Quarter 2014 Market Check-In

By now, it is likely that you are familiar with our monthly Long Island commercial real estate market reports, where we provide detailed information on the vacancy and rental rates across Long Island’s retail, office, and industrial markets via video updates. You have also seen us take this one step further as we reported on… | Read On »

Deciphering Nassau County Towns

As part of our AIP monthly newsletter articles, we sometimes share detailed information specifically regarding the Long Island history and/or landscape. Some of the information we cover you may find that you are highly knowledgeable on, but we hope that once in a while you are able to learn something new about this great place… | Read On »

How Do You Create a Trustworthy Partnership

In business, it is commonly said that you should: do things from your head and not your heart – think logically, not emotionally – be reasonable and rational.  What if I told you that I do not agree?  I began my commercial real estate firm in 2001 out of my passion for making commercial deals… | Read On »

Long Island Rail Road

By now you probably realize that I am a proud Long Islander.  I’ve written articles and recorded video updates highlighting the spectacular place in which I live and work.  As Long Islanders, we take great pride in the place where we live, and with an extremely close proximity to New York City, we may even… | Read On »

Multifamily Housing Trend

Back in May, I wrote an article detailing the major departure of 25-34 year olds on Long Island, it was titled “Long Island Falling Short.”  In that article, we uncovered the major reasoning of this mass exodus to be the lack of affordable housing/multifamily housing.  I directly stated that attention and focus should be towards… | Read On »

National Commercial Real Estate Trends

By now it’s likely that you’ve seen our Commercial Real Estate market update videos, where we provide detailed information on the vacancy rate and rental rates in Long Island’s retail, office, and industrial markets. Although we believe that it is most important to understand what the market trends are within your own surroundings, we also… | Read On »

The New Trend in Office Space

Office rent is commonly one of the largest expenses a company will face other than their employee overhead.  With the Long Island office market vacancy rates declining, less office space is available these days for rent.  As you know, this drives the cost of rental rates up. A high cost in office space can be… | Read On »

Q&A with Samantha Ray

September 22 is the date in which we celebrate the national holiday of American Business Woman’s Day.  National Business Women’s Day was first founded and recognized in 1983 by the American Business Women’s Association – whose date of inception was September 22, 1982. The mission of this association is “to bring together businesswomen of diverse occupations and to… | Read On »

Early Long Island

After crafting an article on Long Island’s Gold Coast, I began to wonder how much I truly knew about the history of early Long Island and how it came to be.  Having knowledge of the place in which you grew up, or the place in which you’ve decided to establish your roots is an important… | Read On »

Economy on the Rise

It’s great to say that as a nation we are finally getting out of our economic slump, and that the United States unemployment rate has dropped to 6.1 percent, which is the lowest reading since September 2008 – all signs point to the economy on the rise. The decrease in the unemployment rate is greatly… | Read On »

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility – in the world of business these three words are the newest buzz.  It is likely that you’ve heard of them, but are you aware of what this term truly means?  Could you speak about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) with confidence?  After reading this article, you will not only understand the meaning… | Read On »

Starbucks Fulfilling “A Company with a Conscious”

On Monday, June 16th, Starbucks chairman, President and CEO Howard Schultz, and Arizona State University President, Michael Crow announced the Starbucks College Achievement Plan. With this plan, Starbucks will provide a free online college education through Arizona State University to thousands of its workers, without requiring that they remain with the company. This program is… | Read On »

The Intelligence of Smart Buildings

These days, it seems like everything is becoming smarter. Smart phones and smart-cars are now considered the standard, and with intelligent technology always on the rise, smart buildings are only a step behind. Smart buildings can be both residential and commercial. Commercial buildings are more likely to be state-of-the-art with respect to the technology integration… | Read On »

Our Gold Coast

If you’re a Long Islander, chances are you’ve heard of “the Gold Coast.” But how much do you actually know about the Long Island Gold Coast besides the name alone? Here, we take a deeper look into this famous strip of land immortalized by F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. The Gold Coast, so-called due… | Read On »

Q&A with Ron Koenigsberg

If you know Commercial Real Estate on Long Island then you know the name Ron Koenigsberg, but how much do you actually know about the man behind the name?  Read on to find out all about Ron Koenigsberg and what he would have been if he weren’t a Commercial Real Estate broker. Where did you… | Read On »

Self Directed IRAs Put You in the Driver’s Seat

As you already know, IRA stands for “Individual Retirement Account.”  And most people are familiar with IRA investment options such as bank CDs, public stocks, mutual funds, annuities, and other common IRA investments.  But with a self-directed IRA you are able to use your retirement fund in non-traditional ways and be in control by making… | Read On »

Smart Ways to Save

People are always looking for ways to save on tax rates, and while the Real Estate sales market doesn’t exactly flex when it comes to this, there are two smart tax-saving options for Real Estate sales that every buyer and seller should be aware of. Section 1031 Trade A section 1031 trade carries strong benefits. … | Read On »

Can Patchogue be Transformed?

There has been a true revitalization of downtown Patchogue in recent years.  The heart of the village of Patchogue is the Four Corners area at the intersection of West Main Street and North Ocean Avenue.  The number of new changes and developments has been truly attention grabbing.  This dramatic revitalization effort began in 1999 with… | Read On »

Long Island Falling Short

While this is not ground breaking news and likely comes as little surprise, the exodus of Long Island’s young adults is a serious issue and deserves attention.  Many affluent Long Island suburbs are losing their young workforce at a dramatic rate, and advocates are blaming a lack of affordable housing, high cost of living, and… | Read On »

A Cool Trend that keeps getting Hotter – FroYo

Try driving around Long Island for ten minutes and not spotting at least one frozen yogurt shop. This is one cool trend that just won’t quit.  Since 2005, frozen yogurt stores, many of them self-serve, have been popping up all over Long Island, as franchises as well as chains.  There are many reasons for this… | Read On »

Unemployment – Jobless Rate Lowest Since 2008

Unemployment numbers are definitely looking better across the nation and in Long Island. U.S. hiring increased during the month of February compared to January. In fact, the Labor Department stated that employers added 175,000 jobs during February. This number is up considerably from January’s 129,000 jobs. What makes these numbers even more encouraging is the… | Read On »

Can a Fake Show Produce a Real Bridge?

Bridges and bridge construction have certainly gotten their fair share of attention lately. Some of this attention on bridges may be part due to the Netflix exclusive series, House of Cards. (Spoiler alert!) In its second season, the show features Congressman turned Vice President Frank Underwood, played to perfection by Kevin Spacey, as a master… | Read On »

A Link between Commercial and Residential Real Estate

Things are looking up for Long Island’s commercial and residential real estate with both markets on the rise due to historically low borrowing rates. Does that imply a correlation between these markets? Let’s take a deeper look to find out. Similarities and Differentiators First, as one would assume, there are both similarities and differences between… | Read On »

Green Buildings Have Lower Vacancy Rates & Higher Rents

The term “going green” definitely gets tossed around a great deal, but what exactly does it mean? Going green largely means reducing the amount of energy and natural resources that are being consumed. Achieving this goal can take many forms. In the real estate industry, the largest expenditure of energy and natural resources is office… | Read On »

Best Banks on Long Island and their Affect on Real Estate

The Difference Between Getting a Deal Done & a Deal Falling Apart Banks are the backbone of business, and they certainly are the fuel for commercial real estate transactions. This fact cannot be disputed. In 2007, the US economy entered a mortgage crisis that brought about a sustained and significant panic and financial turmoil that… | Read On »

MacArthur Airport: Vital Catalyst for Economic Development & Growth

MacArthur Airport, formerly Islip Airport, is a public airport located on Long Island in Ronkonkoma, Town of Islip. MacArthur Airport serves the three million residents of Nassau and Suffolk counties… Read More

Rental rates and vacancy rental rates looking strong in Long Island

The vacancy rate in the Long Island office market, which includes both Nassau and Suffolk County, is improving. By the end of the 3rd quarter of 2013, the vacancy rate stood at 10%. This is down from the 10.3% statistic we saw at the end of the second quarter. In other words, the numbers are… | Read On »

A Demand for Larger Spaces & A Lower Level of Risk

Further bolstering Long Island’s commercial real estate position is the demand for larger spaces. This is a direct result to the diminishing available land left for development. Commercial structures on Long Island are being built at a steady rate and this, in turn, translates into investor confidence. In times of uncertainty, people clearly want to… | Read On »

The Current Real Estate Investment Trends

Current Trend #1-Commercial Real Estate Investments Are Up As far as current investor trends, a quarterly market trends report from the CCIM noted that commercial investments are increasingly popular among investors and the first part of the year has shown an “upbeat sales pace.” According to Real Capital Analytics, the first quarter of this year… | Read On »

The Current Long Island Commercial Real Estate Market September 2013

It is no secret that the Long Island residential real estate market isn’t exactly at historic highs.  We at American Investment Properties often have our clients asking us how this phenomenon in the residential market impacts the commercial real estate market on Long Island?  In short, the answer is not much. Office Market Recent Vacancy… | Read On »

Keeping up with The Kardashians; I mean The Smiths

While even those who claim to be anti-pop culture at least know of The Kardashians – and heard of the nano-second marriage of whichever sister married an NBA player – much fewer are versed in the accomplishments of Adam Smith. He is regarded as the pioneer of political economics and the founder of capitalism: 235… | Read On »

Tough 2010 on Tap for Commercial Real Estate

by David Winzelberg Dolan Media Newswires LONG ISLAND, NY — Commercial real estate won’t make a comeback for another year, according to a report from one of the nation’s leading real estate advisers. Grubb & Ellis said 2010 commercial real estate fundamentals will decline more slowly than in 2009, with most property types reaching bottom… | Read On »

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