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Founded on July 4, 2001, by Ron Koenigsberg, American Investment Properties Inc., specializes in the sale and acquisition of commercial real estate in Long Island’s Nassau and Suffolk Counties.  American Investment Properties (AIP) has participated in several hundred million dollars’ worth of property sales and is a well-known and highly respected name in the Long Island community and the commercial real estate industry.

As a leading brokerage firm focused on a niche market, American Investment Properties presents the Long Island commercial property industry with a wealth of distinctive advantages.  Whether it’s buying or selling commercial real estate, AIP brings customized strategies and insights to each of our client’s unique needs helping to create a flawless execution of even the most complex transactions.  These transactions include, but are not limited to, the following: 1031 exchanges, property analysis, and distressed asset dispositions.  American Investment Properties provides not only skilled experience and extensive buyer reach, but also strong relationships with industry leaders, attorneys, lenders and environmental professionals.  Bringing forth an extensive background in the financial, accounting, and tax aspects of commercial real estate, as well as an insider’s perspective on property values and other local market trends and conditions.

With a singular commitment to your objectives, the AIP team dedicates all energies and resources to helping business owners and investors successfully navigate the unique challenges and opportunities of the Long Island commercial real estate market.  AIP’s tireless efforts on your behalf ensure the best possible return on your investment and the smoothest path to your goals.  At American Investment Properties, we don’t just ensure commercial real estate profits; we optimize commercial real estate profits.

To learn more about how American Investment Properties can optimize the value of your commercial real estate transaction, please contact us today.

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